Lake House Project: Blinds & Motorized OpenLight Roller Shades

Open Light Shades

Seamless Light Control with OpenLight Roller Shades

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with our OpenLight Roller Shades, designed for effective light control and scenic views, in a recent project at a lake house, our designer, Sandy, provided a customized solution to address the challenge of direct sunlight while preserving the breathtaking lake views. These shades are manufactured in Ann Arbor with Somfy rechargeable li-on powered motors and offer convenience and efficiency.

In the recreation room, the client opted for blinds that skillfully manage light without obstructing the view, ensuring a comfortable and inviting space. The motorized roller shades can be easily operated with a remote or automated via a smartphone app, providing effortless control over the indoor environment.

Meticulous Installation for a Seamless Result

The installation of the custom OpenLight Roller Shades at the lake house required great precision. Our skilled installer expertly navigated the challenges of the recreation room, ensuring the shades were perfectly aligned with the windows. The attention to detail ensured a flawless installation, resulting in a cohesive, seamless look that elegantly complemented the home’s aesthetic.

The Stunning Result

The photos reveal a dramatic transformation through precision lighting control. The newly installed OpenLight shades and bespoke blinds filter the natural light while allowing the stunning lake views to shine through. A warm, inviting ambiance flows throughout the home’s interior, elevating the entire living experience. Customized shading solutions cater perfectly to homeowners’ needs for glare reduction and aesthetic harmony.

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