Simple & Functional Motorized Shades: A Perfect Solution for Mona’s Home

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Our lovely customer Mona came to us looking for motorized shades that were not too fancy. She wanted something simple to operate that did not require much fuss on her part. Our designer Pat Riley’s solution turned out perfect for her. She’s so happy with them!

These banded shades have wand motorization that she can raise and lower with a simple touch of a button. When she needs to charge them, all she has to do is plug a charger into the back of the wand that is easy for her to reach, plug them in for a few hours, and they’re good to go.

They give her so much functionality, too. Fully lowered, they have a pretty dimensional look, allow light to filter through, and provide privacy and glare protection. Fully raised, they roll discreetly into a cassette, leaving her a full view of the outside. The “bands” of fabric alternate between sheer and light filtering, giving her plenty of options for viewing through. We’re so glad she loves them!