Elevating Silver Maples Retirement Home: Window Treatment Excellence in Chelsea, MI

Creative Windows & Hobbs + Black Architects Collaboration

Revolutionizing Aesthetic Comfort at Silver Maples Retirement Home

Creative Windows recently partnered with Hobbs & Black Architects for a remarkable project at Silver Maples Retirement Home in Chelsea, Michigan.

The project involved installing sophisticated window treatments, such as stylish drapery, sheers, and state-of-the-art motorized shades. The designers of our company, Pat and Stephanie from Hobbs & Black Architects, created this perfect blend of contemporary and comfort by blending the retirement residence with a modern, fresh design.

The task was to incorporate motorized roller shades within the bistro space to protect people from the harsh sun by pressing the button, offering convenience and ease. The unique inverted pleat drapery panel and the elegant sheer drapery added the perfect aesthetic and a sense of humor to the Maples room. The installation was a precise and design-focused endeavor, making sure every detail aligned seamlessly with the home’s modern style.

Showcasing a Refined Transformation

Witness how custom window treatments revolutionized various spaces within Silver Maples Retirement Home through our collection of final photos. Witness how our custom window treatments revolutionized the space, adding elegance and functionality.

Creative Windows - Excellence in Senior Living Design

The complex needs of the new Silver Maples Retirement Home construction demanded specialized expertise. With occupants requiring enhanced comfort, safety, and ambiance, merely functional window dressings would not meet quality standards. Our extensive experience outfitting healthcare settings proved invaluable, ensuring meticulously crafted details serving both aesthetic form and practical function. 

Despite challenging diagnoses and difficult problem-solving obstacles, Creative Windows upheld our trademark commitment to design excellence by seamlessly integrating customized window treatments into the well-being-promoting environment. Silver Maples stands as a testament to the fact that through collective diligence and customer care, from our initial collaborative consultations to final installations, we transform not just interiors but also enrich lives.

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With more than 40 years of experience creating the perfect window treatment installation, Creative Windows offers extensive knowledge of enhancing different spaces. The custom window treatments we offer begin with a thorough consultation with a designer to get a better understanding of your preferences and space. We are experts in blending functionality with transformative ambiance and beautiful aesthetics designed to suit individual preferences.

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