Effortless Steps: How to Clean Wood Blinds Effectively

how to clean wood blinds

Ever glance at your wood blinds and think, “Wow, those need a good clean!”? We’ve all been there. Wood blinds can quickly become dusty if neglected. The process may seem too much of a hassle – the dusting, washing… and drying! Rest assured, the task is not as difficult as it may appear. Think of […]

Brighten Your Interiors with Colorful Roller Shades

Colorful Roller Shades

Ever gazed at a sunrise, mesmerized by the vibrant hues painting the sky? Now imagine capturing that burst of color inside your living room. How? Meet colorful roller shades – they’re not just for blocking sunlight anymore. Gone are the days of drab neutrals. A wave of bold, vivid colors is sweeping through homes and […]

Are Wooden Blinds a Good Choice for Your Living Room?

Wooden Blinds

Ever look at your living room and think it’s missing something? Maybe you’ve been overlooking the windows. Imagine if they were framed by gorgeous wooden blinds, bathing the room in a warm, inviting light. I bet you’re thinking: “Wooden blinds? Really?” Absolutely! They can transform an ordinary space into a cozy home or even give […]

The Best Bay Window Treatment Ideas

Window Treatment Ideas

Are you looking for bay window treatment ideas? You might find the options overwhelming. Luckily, with custom window treatments by Creative Windows in Ann Arbor,MI, the process becomes easier. Keep reading to discover your window treatment options, then reach out to us for purchase, creation, and installation! Roller Shades Do you want a minimalistic design? […]

How to Choose Window Treatments for a Bow Window

Window Treatments

Bow windows are unique features that typically include four or five sections of casement windows. A bow window can add an aesthetic flair that adds curb appeal and sets your home apart from your neighbors. However, whether you’ve just installed a bow window or are replacing its covering, selecting the right treatment is essential. There […]

Three Tips on Decorating Colonial Style Windows

colonial style windows

What Are Colonial Style Windows? Colonial style windows emulate historical styles. Dating back to early American architectural trends, these types of windows offer authentic style. Their unique charm and rustic sensibility make them an appealing choice for the discerning homeowner, but there’s more you need to know. Creative Windows is Ann Arbor’s high-quality window treatments […]

Honeycomb Shades: What Are the Pros and Cons

Honeycomb Shades

In terms of design, minimalism, and energy efficiency, honeycomb shades are the chic and contemporary alternative to curtains. Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are a solid and practical choice with a unique honeycomb pattern that makes them easily recognizable. If you plan to install this versatile window covering, consider all its pros and […]

Choosing the Right Cellular Shade Size: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit

Right Cellular Shade Size

Choosing the right size of cellular shades will ensure that your window treatments look great and provide maximum coverage, but selecting the wrong size could make installation tricky and may leave parts of your window uncovered. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through step-by-step tips on how to accurately measure cellular shades so that […]

Understanding the Mechanics of Roller Shades: How Do They Work?

Mechanics of Roller Shades

Window treatments are essential for improving the look and overall functionality of any space. Of all the options available, roller shades have been gaining a lot of popularity due to their versatility and easy-to-use nature. In this blog, we’ll explore how the mechanics of roller shades work, including their components and functionality. What are Roller […]

Ideas for Treating a Bay Window – Creating Stunning Window Treatments

bay window treatment ideas

Bay windows have a captivating allure that can enhance any space, whether it’s a majestic Victorian home or a cozy kitchen. These windows effortlessly draw attention and become the focal point of a room. Not only do they invite ample natural light, but they also create a seamless connection to the beauty of the outdoors. […]