Living Room Makeover: Can Patterned Roman Shades Work?

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Do you want to give your living room an updated aesthetic? One effective way is to update its window treatments. Patterned Roman shades may add personality and flair, but can they work in your room? In this blog post, we’ll examine their benefits as a living room makeover tool and offer helpful hints for selecting suitable patterns and fabrics that will complement it perfectly.

What is the Purpose of Roman Shades?

Roman shades are an affordable window treatment choice that combines style and function. Their design features neat pleats when raised, which fold out horizontally when lowered—their primary purposes being:

  • Privacy Protection
    Lowering Roman shades provides privacy from outside influences while making your living room an intimate retreat.
  • Style
    Roman shades come in an assortment of colors, patterns, and fabrics that allow you to find one that complements the overall aesthetic of your living room.

How to Select an Appropriate Pattern for Your Living Space

Before selecting and adding patterned Roman shades to your living room makeover, it is crucial that they complement both existing décor and personal preferences. Below are a few helpful guidelines for selecting an ideal pattern:

Bold Patterns to Add Drama in Your Modern Living Space

Modern or contemporary living room décor benefits from adding bold patterns such as geometric chevron or diamond prints as focal points, adding visual interest. They complement solid-colored furniture well.

Subtle Patterns to Invigorate Traditional Living Space

Floral or damask patterns with muted hues add subtle patterns that add elegance without overwhelming the space. They complement classic furniture pieces for an eye-catching yet timeless aesthetic.

Coordinating Color Palettes

Before choosing a patterned Roman shade for your living room, consider its existing color palette and pick one with colors already present in it to achieve an integrated aesthetic. If your living area features neutral tones, an eye-catching patterned Roman shade could become an eye-catcher and focal point!

Fabric and Lining Options Available

Apart from their pattern, the fabric and lining of your Roman shades can have an immense effect on their function and longevity.

Natural Materials

Natural materials like linen or cotton make for classic yet breathable Roman shade fabrics, creating an inviting ambiance in any living space.

Blackout and Light Filter Linings

For more light control or privacy, consider adding blackout or light-filtering lining to your Roman shades. Blackout lining blocks most light, making it suitable for media rooms or bedrooms, while light-filtering lining allows some natural light to come through while still offering privacy.

Installation and Motorization Solutions

When adding Roman shades to your living room makeover, there are two installation methods available: installing them yourself or hiring professional installers. A DIY option may save on costs, whereas professional installation ensures an ideal fit with smooth operation for uniquely shaped windows and more complicated processes.

Roman shades feature motorization options for added convenience. You can control them using a remote or smart home device, making these shades especially helpful in hard-to-reach windows.

Frequently Asked Questions on Patterned Roman Shades

Yes, patterned Roman shades can work effectively in small living rooms when chosen carefully. Opting for smaller-scale patterns or vertical stripes that create a height illusion can help avoid overwhelming your space and provide visual interest without overwhelming its functionality.

To properly measure windows for Roman shades, start by measuring their frame’s width from top, middle, and bottom; use the narrowest measurement as your starting point. Next, take measurements from the top of the frame down towards the windowsill length or desired length while adding inches for mounting hardware and desired overlap, if applicable.

It depends on the fabric. Cotton or polyester blend fabrics may require spot cleaning with mild detergent, while delicate fabrics may require professional service for best results. Always refer to manufacturer’s care instructions before cleaning your Roman shades.

Patterned Roman shades make a wonderful addition to your living room makeover, offering style and functionality. By selecting the appropriate pattern, fabric, and lining for your space, patterned Roman shades can create a cohesive atmosphere that reflects your personal tastes well within its décor. From bold geometric prints to subtle floral motifs, patterned Roman shades can elevate its décor and be conversation starters!

Are you ready to add pattern Roman shades to your living room? Reach out to Creative Windows now, so one of their expert designers can meet with you for a consultation and professional installation—let us make your living room makeover dreams a reality! We look forward to helping bring your vision into reality!

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