How Window Treatments Add Value to Your Home

best window treatments for resale value

Window treatments play an essential role in creating an inviting and appealing ambiance in any home. They have the ability to add elegance and increase your home’s value at once. In this comprehensive guide, we will look at ways window treatments can increase home value, as well as what types of treatments offer the highest […]

4 Excellent Open Light Shades Benefits You Should Know

4 Excellent Open Light Shades Benefits You Should Know

Open light shades diffuse the light coming inside of your windows to cut glare and heat while still maintaining your view of the outside. They are available in many different styles and colors to match your uses for your home. Read on to find out more about this unique type of window shade and all […]

7 Modern Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look Awesome

Kitchen Window Treatments Ideas

The best window treatments for your kitchen have a big job to perform. They should give you privacy, have excellent lighting control, be energy efficient, splashproof, and be stylish and modern.  Read on to find out more about all of your options for kitchen window treatment ideas. What Kinds of Window Treatments Work Best in […]

Window Treatments and Hardware Guide: What You Need to Know

Window Treatments and Hardware Guide

Every homeowner’s biggest investment is their home. For this reason, it is only fair that they take the time to make sure that the house looks the best that it can. This can be not easy sometimes when homeowners are not experts in certain areas but there are many aspects of home improvement that people […]

What Are the Best Living Room Window Treatments?

Best Living Room Window Treatments

The best window treatments for any room in your home will be functional, have a purpose, and be elegant as well. They make your spaces beautiful and perform several functions too. Your Ann Arbor solar shades need to provide functions based on items in the room to get the maximum performance out of your window […]

What are The Most Energy Efficient Window Treatments?

energy efficient

Homeowners are trying to make their homes more energy efficient by regulating their thermostats and buying energy-efficient appliances. Why pay more for energy costs in your home if you don’t have to? To get the biggest bang for your buck, consider window treatment products in Ann Arbor to save valuable money on your heating and […]

Best Window Treatments For Kids Rooms

kids rooms

When planning a room for your kids rooms, or playroom, it can be quite a challenge to choose window treatments. Safety is always the number one concern for parents, but you also want something that’s easy to clean and durable while also looking as adorable as your child. There are actually several different types and […]

Solar Shades vs Roller Shades: Which is Right for You?

Solar Shades VS Roller shades

Sometimes window treatments can be a bit confusing. Most people believe that solar shades and roller shades are used interchangeably, and they are the same thing. Solar shades are actually a type of roller shade, but not all Ann Arbor solar shades are roller shades, as each of these items have its own uses and […]

Six Commercial Window Treatment Ideas to Revitalize Your Space

best window treatment ideas

Window treatments play an integral role in framing any commercial space. Windows fill almost every building, and they act as an essential part of a room’s architecture. Commercial window treatment ideas, by extension, can do a lot to liven any public or private space.

Pleated Shades vs. Cellular Shades

Pleated Shades Vs. Cellular Shades

There is a lot to consider when shopping for the right type of window shade for your home or apartment. Color, style, and texture are important, but you also want to consider functionality and the type of room that the shades will go in. Understanding the differences between pleated shades vs. cellular shades can help […]