5 Benefits of Exterior Solar Shades

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Michigan summers are beautifully bright, but the brightness can be too much. Even if it looks beautiful outside, the blinding light and scorching heat make outdoor spaces less ideal for relaxing. In Ann Arbor, exterior solar shades create a comfortable outdoor environment so you can stay outside.

What Are Solar Shades?

Solar shades are a kind of roller shade made out of specially designed fabrics. These fabrics reflect heat and light to create a better outdoor experience. They come in different thicknesses, colors, and materials based on your preferences. You can also choose how you extend and retract your solar shades, whether manually or through an electronic system.

Benefits of Exterior Solar Shades

Of the Ann Arbor window treatments you can install, solar shades produce a more substantial array of benefits for your home and outdoor spaces.

Keep Cool in the Summer

Usually, the sun’s summer heat would have Michiganians running inside for respite. Even inside, windows around the house without proper shading let in the heat. However, the specialized fabric used to make solar shades buffers you from the effects of the sun’s rays.

Outdoor spaces that were too hot to handle can become cool enough for relaxation all summer long. Additionally, the indoor rooms near the sunniest spots experience cooling relief with solar-shaded windows.

Save On Energy Bills

Sun shades provide insulation from the sun’s UV rays while reducing heat. Gone are the days of running your HVAC system non-stop. HVAC systems often utilize the most electricity in your house, and having them on less relieves you of higher energy costs.

The reduced usage of your AC and electricity means your home helps produce less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses, making solar shades an eco-friendly option. You can benefit yourself and your environment at the same time.

Lifetime Solution for Your Windows

Ann Arbor exterior solar shades have many uses, including retractable awnings and direct installation over your windows. Manufacturers weave solar shade fabrics out of sturdy material to withstand the outdoor elements. They need very little maintenance after installation and are quite cost-effective.

Additionally, solar shades reduce sun glare and UV damage to your furniture and anyone sitting in it, protecting the inside and outside of your home with a single addition.

Offer More Privacy While Outside

Perhaps you like being outside but don’t like being spied on by random passersby or nosy neighbors. Your Ann Arbor exterior solar shades help by providing a cover from prying eyes and the sun.

Because the solar shade fabric protects you from the sun’s overbearing light, the material can be as thick as you want. Even thinner fabrics can conceal your outdoor or patio activities like window blinds. You get to keep looking out around you without being bothered by snooping strangers.

Improves Your View

Direct exposure to the sun’s rays has some downsides, including reduced visibility. It is hard to see your yard if the light is in your eyes. Having solar shades in Ann Arbor for your window treatment increases your ability to see without squinting.

The fabric thickness for solar shades is customizable to your preferences, from as much as 10% openness to only 1% openness. You can choose 10% to be free of the sun’s glare while allowing you to see outside with minimal obstruction. Regardless of the percentage you choose, you receive adequate sun protection and heat shading.


Manufacturers of exterior solar shades prepare them for year-round solar conditions. The technicians at Creative Windows provide professional installation services to make sure we cover your windows, patios, and other outdoor spaces to perfection.

Our Michigan window treatment experts can help you create the shading of your dreams. Call (734) 769-5100 or request your free consultation on our website to start your project in Ann Arbor today!

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