9 Reasons Why Home Automation is The Future of Home Living

home automation

In recent years, home automation has grown in popularity. Many homeowners now consider it essential for their homes; others will gladly add it when renovating living spaces. Installing smart house automation is simple; not only will this make your space more energy efficient and secure, but it’s easy too! Learn more about home automation here. […]

Read This Before Installing Motorized Window Treatments

installing motorized window treatments roller shades

If you are in the market for new window treatments, it can be overwhelming with all of the different types and styles from which to choose. Then there are different operating systems to choose from as well, such as traditional corded versions, and cordless and motorized window treatments. The latter is very popular now as […]

Seven Top Benefits of Choosing Motorized Window Treatments

motorized window treatments

Did you know that window shades can help you conserve energy usage in your home? Today’s generation of attractive, cordless, and motorized window blinds provides both security and cooling relief from the sun’s rays. Superior to curtains or Venetian blinds, motorized blinds have become the go-to window covering for Michigan homes and businesses. Read on […]

Solar Shades for Windows: Learn the Best 4 Care Tips

Solar Shades for Windows

Solar Shades for Windows has taken the market by storm with its sleek, efficient style. The unique design of solar shades allows them to block UV rays and produce natural light filtering. The window shades not only reduce heat, but they’re also lightweight, creating a well-defined, slim look. The solar shades’ openness factors give you […]

Modernize your Ann Arbor Home with Motorized Window Treatments

modernize home

When you choose custom window treatments with motorization, you are choosing the best option for your home. There are many benefits to automatic window treatments that make them a perfect choice for any home.   Modernize your Ann Arbor Home with Motorized Window Treatments   Motorized shades, blinds, and drapery are available today as an […]