What Makes Artisan Drapery Different from Regular Curtains

High-quality artisan drapery elevates the ambiance of a stylish living room.

Window treatments play a pivotal role in adding charm and sophistication to the design of any room, and artisan drapery offers that with its exquisite customization capabilities and sophisticated styles. We will explore some key factors differentiating these bespoke window treatments from regular curtains, and explore why investing in these tailored solutions could transform how […]

Top Curtain Styles and Ideas for Beautiful Bay Windows

Top Curtain Styles and Ideas for Beautiful Bay Windows

Bay windows are a great way to bring more light and a sense of space into a room. But figuring out the right window treatments can be tricky with the unique shapes and angles. The curtains you choose can greatly impact the look and feel of your bay window, so it’s important to choose the […]

Window treatments for Silver Maples Retirement Home

custom window treatments in Michigan

Elevating Silver Maples Retirement Home: Window Treatment Excellence in Chelsea, MI Creative Windows & Hobbs + Black Architects Collaboration Revolutionizing Aesthetic Comfort at Silver Maples Retirement Home Creative Windows recently partnered with Hobbs & Black Architects for a remarkable project at Silver Maples Retirement Home in Chelsea, Michigan. The project involved installing sophisticated window treatments, such as […]

How to Create a Bohemian Bedroom Vibe with Your Curtains

How to Create a Bohemian Bedroom Vibe with Your Curtains

Curtains play an important role in creating a bohemian bedroom vibe. They add texture, color, and pattern to your decor, providing essential functions such as light blocking, privacy, and noise reduction. This article will explore how to create a bohemian bedroom vibe with your curtains while also considering material options, energy efficiency, and cleaning and […]

How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Sliding Glass Door Curtains

How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Sliding Glass Door Curtains

When it comes to determining the right type of fabric for your sliding glass door curtains, there are many factors to consider. To help simplify things, we’ve put together this guide to discuss some essential tips on selecting the perfect fabric for you and explain each material’s advantages so you can make the best choice […]

Minimalist Valance Ideas for a Modern and Sleek Living Room

Cornices and Valances Valance

Installing valances is an easy, effective solution to elevate and modernize the look of your living room. Valances are window treatments that hang in the top portion of a window frame, adding texture and color while allowing natural light to pour through. An often overlooked decor detail, they can instantly add elegance and sophistication to […]

What Are the Best Living Room Window Treatments?

Best Living Room Window Treatments

The best window treatments for any room in your home will be functional, have a purpose, and be elegant as well. They make your spaces beautiful and perform several functions too. Your Ann Arbor solar shades need to provide functions based on items in the room to get the maximum performance out of your window […]

How To Choose the Perfect Drapes for Your Home in Ann Arbor

natural drapes

It’s finally time to design your dream home in Ann Arbor, and you want to be sure to get it right! Attention to the details will turn a house into a dream home. While they may not be the first design elements that come to mind, the Ann Arbor window treatments in each room of […]