Six Commercial Window Treatment Ideas to Revitalize Your Space

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Window treatments play an integral role in framing any commercial space. Windows fill almost every building, and they act as an essential part of a room’s architecture. Commercial window treatment ideas, by extension, can do a lot to liven any public or private space.

Window treatments are more energy-efficient, allow you to control light, add a layer of privacy, and even enhance the aesthetics of your window, providing an extra layer of decor to your work environment. Nearly every commercial space utilizes window treatments to some degree, even in the form of decorative shades.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some window coverings and the commercial spaces that often utilize them so you can get a better sense of what type of window treatment best suits your work environment.

Popular Commercial Window Treatment Ideas

1. Faux Wood Blinds

Popular in hotels, faux wood blinds offer class and sophistication, looking and feeling like wood blinds without the need for special treatment to maintain them. You still need to treat them with more care than traditional blinds, although faux wood is durable and straightforward to clean.

These blinds have gained popularity in recent years, especially with the option to go cordless and motorized.

2. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds add visual height to a space. These work well with sliding glass doors and larger picture windows with more width than height.

These blinds run on a track, allowing you to slide them fully opened, fully closed, or somewhere in between. Utilize the hanging vanes to rotate the blinds opened or closed, allowing you to explore different options to regulate natural light.

You can easily clean and maintain these blinds, as they require very little and can handle traditional cleaning products, making them ideal for a multi-unit dwelling or other high-traffic commercial space. Vertical blinds work nicely with top treatments and different decorative flairs.

3. Window Shades

Classic and classy, window shades give you complete light control and come in various styles, colors, and materials, ranking them among the most versatile commercial window treatment ideas on our list.

You can dress window shades up in a bold stylistic choice or keep them subtle to please everyone. Depending on your choice of material, these shades can significantly increase your building’s energy efficiency, helping regulate temperatures within your facility – perfect for an office space, where comfortable working is paramount.


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4. Sun Screens

Otherwise known as solar shades, these roller shades utilize a mesh screen instead of a solid covering. This allows you to partially see through the cover while still reducing the amount of light that passes into your space. Naturally, more closely-woven sunscreens will allow less light through and vice versa, giving you visibility paired with light control.

Likewise, sunscreens block UV rays from the sun that would otherwise damage and fade products, furniture, and other valuables in your retail space.

Sunscreens offer additional branding versatility, as you can print custom designs or logos on the shades. This allows you to double the value, controlling light while taking advantage of ad space. A spline attachment lets you change shade cloths by season, for important sales and events, or wherever else you choose.

5. Cubicle Curtains

Cubicle curtains are known in popular culture for their use in hospital rooms and add a layer of privacy to any room that does not have sectioned walls or doors. This allows you to turn a single room into a double-occupancy room, taking more advantage of your space.

While privacy rests at the forefront of this design, it’s integral that these curtains are washable, allowing for sanitation. For additional safety, these curtains are flame resistant. The unique antimicrobial material in these curtains makes them safe and easy to use.

6. Draperies

This attractive option can bring an air of comfort and elegance to any office space. These decorative yet functional window coverings come with side panels and add instant class. Utilizing them by hanging them high and wide can bring a sense of height into a room.

While most are purely decorative, traversing drapes allow you to open and close them, giving you an option for light control and privacy. You can even use them to hide objects or separate rooms.

Draperies work well for event situations, as their natural decadence – and ability to pair with furniture and room aesthetics – accents the room elegantly.

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