Are Solar Shades Energy Efficient

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What Are Solar Shades?

Solar shades are fabric window treatments that fully cover a window with fixed or motorized panels that block out the sun. Solar screens are common in sunny areas because they can block out 90% of the sun’s rays.

Are you wondering, “Are solar shades energy efficient?” The answer is yes. When you’re ready to install Graber exterior solar shades or other window treatments, contact Creative Windows.

7 Reasons Solar Shades Are Excellent Energy-Efficient Window Coverings

1. Block UV Rays

Even in the comfort of your own home, UV rays can be a nuisance. Solar shades block nearly all UV rays, so you can rest peacefully in your home without worrying about how intensely the sun is heating your house.

2. Prevent Glare

Light control is essential for controlling your home’s temperature — glare can make your home hot and uncomfortable. Solar shades have a unique coating or finish that allows light into your home without the annoying glare.

3. Reduce Heat Gain

When installed as exterior window treatments, solar shades reduce your home’s heat gain by up to 15%. Because they act as insulation, your home stays cooler longer, granting energy savings and a comfortable environment in every room.

4. Minimize Air Conditioner Usage

Are solar shades energy efficient? One major way they save you money long term is by reducing how often you run your air conditioner. Solar shades reduce the entering light and heat gain, so your home’s temperature stays low. You can turn your air conditioner on later in the day, and avoid turning it back on after your home heats up again.

Because running your air conditioner costs money, reducing its usage is the best way to save money on your utility bill.

5. Mitigate Pest Invasions

With solar shades, you can open your windows to let fresh air in without letting  insects and other pests into your home. How does this contribute to energy efficiency?

Many homeowners opt for pest reduction products that require electricity and plug into your wall. While minimal, the energy they use adds up over time.

6. Increase the Longevity of Floors and Furniture

UV rays slowly wear away at the durability of your flooring, paint, and property. While they’re expensive to replace, every time you purchase these items, it also increases your overall carbon footprint.

By prolonging the life of your property, you not only save money on replacing them, but you’re aiding the worldwide effort to combat climate change.

7. Cost Less Than Other Window Treatments

Solar shades are one of the most affordable window treatments for the benefits they provide. They’re superior in function to drapes and cheaper than cellular shades, meaning you can afford to boost energy efficiency throughout your home.

Contact Creative Windows to Install Solar Shades

Are solar shades energy efficient? Because of their ability to block light and solar heat, they’re a great option for saving energy and money. Whether you’re wondering about the benefits of solar shades vs. roller shades or need to discover the best window treatments for your home, Creative Windows can help.

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