Are Vertical Blinds Still in Style 2022?

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Vertical blinds make a striking statement for homes or businesses. However, many people wonder if Ann Arbor vertical blinds are the right stylistic choice for their property. You can review trends involving vertical blinds in 2022 by reaching out to our team at Creative Windows.

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What Are Vertical Blinds?

Are you interested in Ann Arbor blinds and considering a vertical style? If so, you might want to learn a little more about this kind of window covering. Vertical blinds consist of two primary components: amount and a series of vertical louvers.

The mount runs across the top of a window, with the louvers attached below and hanging vertically towards the floor. Each louver attaches to the mount individually, and you can generally adjust them to open or close the louvers.

Most vertical blinds come with a decorative cover that conceals the mount. You can choose from a wide variety of options for a cover when you look into Ann Arbor window treatments.

Are Vertical Blinds Out of Style?


Many people wonder if Ann Arbor vertical blinds represent a modern stylistic choice. After all, vertical blinds first came into style in the 1950s, over 70 years ago. In addition, early vertical blinds were made of metal – usually aluminum – making them noisy and hard to handle.

These blinds became truly popular in the 80s, with the advent of PVC and vinyl as construction materials. Vinyl made the blinds quieter, easier to operate, and gave homeowners the option to select many different colors and finishes for the blinds.

Rather than going out of style, vertical blinds remain a sound choice for Ann Arbor window treatments and have even seen an increase in popularity in recent years.

Are Vertical Blinds a Good Idea?

When considering Ann Arbor blinds, the professionals often recommend vertical blinds. You may want an out-of-the-box set or custom window coverings. You can discuss the pros and cons of vertical blinds with a design consultation from our team.

While vertical blinds may not be your final decision in some situations, our team can recommend them as a good idea for many property owners.

Reasons Why Vertical Blinds Are Great

Go over some of the reasons we’re happy to recommend vertical blinds to our customers below.

Vertical Blinds Adapt Well to Larger Windows

Do you have large windows in your home or business? Perhaps you even have patio doors that you want to cover for privacy and light reduction? Vertical blinds represent an excellent choice for covering long windows because you can easily adjust the length of this window covering.

Traditional – or horizontal – blinds often get heavy if you need them to cover a long window. They may start to dip in the middle or even snap after hanging for a while. Roller blinds give you another option, but they provide a block of color that you may get tired of seeing.

Vertical blinds are easy to move back and forth across long windows, and you can easily twist them to control the amount of light that enters your room.

Vertical Blinds Give You Numerous Style Options

Ann Arbor vertical blinds come in many different colors. Therefore, you can easily match the blinds to the style of your home. You also have the option to choose multiple other materials for the blinds, including:


  • Wood
  • Faux wood
  • Vinyl
  • Cloth


While vinyl is often thought of as a choice for siding, it works very well as a material for blinds. However, you can choose materials like wood or fabric instead if that aligns more with your tastes.

Vertical Blinds Help You Save Money

Vertical blinds often close less than other window coverings, allowing you to easily stay within your budget while planning a redesign of your home.

Speak to Us About Vertical Blinds

Are you interested in Ann Arbor vertical blinds? You can start reviewing your options with our team at Creative Windows today. Then, reach out to us by calling (734) 769-5100 to discuss Ann Arbor blinds. We handle many different styles and are proud to offer our experience.


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