Three Tips on Decorating Colonial Style Windows

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What Are Colonial Style Windows?

Colonial style windows emulate historical styles. Dating back to early American architectural trends, these types of windows offer authentic style. Their unique charm and rustic sensibility make them an appealing choice for the discerning homeowner, but there’s more you need to know.

Creative Windows is Ann Arbor’s high-quality window treatments company of choice. Today, we’re here to provide tips for decorating windows in a Colonial style that’s still compatible with progressive trends.

Tips on Decorating Colonial Style Windows

#1 Consider the “Colonial” Aspect of the Style

Ironically, the phrase “Colonial style” obscures the truth: there is no single style that can fall under this category. Various styles exist under Colonial eras, each inspired by a specific country or culture. For example, Spanish and Dutch Colonial styles are the two most common window styles featured in modern homes.

  • Spanish Colonial style possesses a Mediterranean flavor. These windows feature narrow dimensions, natural materials like stucco, adobe, and rock, and arched window styles. And natural lighting is a priority.
  • Dutch Colonial style evokes a more temperate aesthetic, prioritizing 8-over-8 windows and championing arched and gable windows.

So, consider your home’s appearance and whether it could benefit from a Spanish or Dutch style of window. The decor varies greatly between the two, as well. Austerity and earthly tones define the Spanish style, whereas Dutch windows look best sporting blue or white tones.

#2 Window Treatment Tips for a Dutch Colonial Style Home

A Dutch Colonial style home’s windows may work best with different types of decor. Blinds using natural tones and hefty materials often enhance the interior and even boost the curb appeal. Drapes over an initial layer of blinds become an excellent choice, provided that you match the textures and colors well, especially for casement windows.

Combining two treatments offers unparalleled flexibility; you can filter out light with the blinds and darken a room with the drapes. You can also choose between shades or shutters for variety. For example, shades with natural fibers—wood, flax, jute—pair perfectly with Dutch Colonial homes. 

Do you favor gable or double-hung windows? The style may require purpose-built cellular shades or wood shutters, an authentic alternative that calls to mind the old world.

#3 The Best Window Treatments for Spanish Colonial Designs

A Spanish Colonial window features a narrower frame. You may want some Spanish style drapes to fit these smaller windows for a classic and softer aesthetic. Natural wood blinds—tropical wood, in particular—complements Spanish style windows beautifully, but watch for humidity complications.

Other options, such as transitional or roller shades and Colonial style curtains, work in Spanish Colonial homes. The key is to avoid ornate, gaudy decor. Go for a more subtle look because, when it comes to interior design styles, Spanish tones and textures are quite subdued.

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