Top Window Treatment Ideas Perfect For Your Michigan Living Room

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If you’re looking to update your Michigan home’s living room window treatments, there are many stylish and practical options to consider. The right window treatments enhance your home’s aesthetics and provide privacy, light control, and energy efficiency. Read on for some of the top window treatment ideas perfect for Michigan living rooms.

Add Style and Privacy with Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains made from lightweight, semi-transparent fabrics like voile or organdy are popular for Michigan living rooms and other rooms where you want to filter natural light. Hang floor-length sheers alone or pair them with complementary solid drapes. Sheers softly diffuse incoming light while still allowing you to see outdoors. They provide a basic level of privacy without making the room feel too dark.

Insulate with Blackout Curtains and Shades

Consider room-darkening curtains or shades for bedrooms, media rooms, and other spaces where you want complete blackout conditions. Opt for tightly woven, lined fabrics or materials with blackout coatings to block outside light. Close blackout curtains or shades daily to help insulate against summer heat/sun or winter drafts. Open them at night for unobstructed views of Michigan’s starry skies.

Add Warmth with Stylish Curtains and Valances

From elegant drapes to casual gathered curtains, stylish fabrics can make a living room or bedroom feel cozier. For a put-together look, hang curtains extending just above the floor or puddle-length for a touch of drama. Include coordinating swagged or cascading valances at the top of the window. Choose colors and patterns that complement your existing décor. Warm metallics, like copper and bronze, are trending now.

Let the Light In with Sheer Shades

Sheer shades allow filtered sunlight into a room while providing privacy. Roller and woven wood shades with semi-transparent vinyl or polyester are great choices. Open-weave bamboo Roman shades also have an airy, light-filtering effect. Sheer shades softly diffuse incoming light, reducing glare and protecting furnishings from harsh UV rays. They can be raised or lowered to control both privacy and sunlight.

sheer shades | living room window treatments

Stay On-Trend with Patterned and Textured Shades

Varying your window shades’ color, pattern, and texture can create depth and visual interest. Try faux-wood blinds with horizontal slats in contrasting tones for a contemporary vibe. Bold wide-scale patterns and textures like large florals and chunky jute weaves are also trending. Warm metallics on roller shades and drapes add another layer of texture. Mixing materials like room-darkening blinds with light sheer under-curtains lets you layer color and pattern.

Blinds vs Shades: What Is the Difference Between Them?

Control Light and Privacy with Adjustable Blinds

Blinds — especially faux and real wood blinds — are popular for controlling privacy and ambient light levels. Their adjustable horizontal slats can be tilted open and closed to direct sunlight where you want it. Raise and lower blinds to reveal or obscure window views. Opt for cordless blinds with a wand or remote control operation for child safety. Add blackout blinds in bedrooms and media rooms. Coordinate wooden blinds with your flooring and furnishings for a unified look.

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Soften and Frame with Café Curtains

For kitchens, offices, and other spaces where you still want visibility, install café-style curtains. These short curtains mounted just below the window frame softly diffuse light while allowing you to see out. Opt for breezy, washed linen or colorful patterned fabrics to complement your style. Use a rod pocket or clips to hang. Café curtains create an intimate, framed-in feel on larger windows.

Bring the Outdoors In with Natural Woven Shades

Natural woven woods like bamboo, jute, rattan, and grass shades have an organic, casual vibe perfect for Michigan living spaces. These natural materials filter light beautifully while connecting your indoor space to the outdoors. Lightly stained bamboo Roman shades can be raised, lowered, and tilted to control sunlight entering the room. Match woven shades with your décor for a cohesive look. They’re ideal for patios and porches, too.

woven shades | living room window treatments

Regulate Temperature with Cellular Shades

Trapping air within layered pockets, cellular shades provide excellent insulation against cold and heat. Cellular shades prevent drafts and help reduce energy costs. Cordless lift systems make raising and lowering shades easy. For added light control, choose opaque fabrics. Soft, light-filtering materials are also available. Cellular shades stack neatly when raised fully. Close tightly at night for extra insulation.

cellular shades | living room window treatments

Frequently Asked Questions about Window Treatments

Most window treatments just need occasional dusting or vacuuming. Blinds and shades may need to be wiped down if they get dusty. Most fabrics can be gently spot-cleaned as needed. Check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Make sure hardware is securely mounted and attached properly to window frames. Cordless shades should have tension devices to keep cords taut. Enlist a professional if unsure.

Type of material, size/number of windows, custom vs standard sizes, motorization, and special fabrication like rounded corners add extra cost to your window coverings. More fabric yardage is needed for floor-length drapes. Professional design and installation cost more.

Give Your Michigan Living Room Windows a Fresh Makeover

As spring arrives in Michigan, now is the perfect time to give your living room windows a makeover with stylish new treatments. The right window coverings can completely transform the look and feel of your space. At Creative Windows, our designers will help you select the perfect combination of drapes, shades, and shutters to match your style. We offer hundreds of on-trend fabrics, materials, and colors. We skillfully craft custom treatments for even the hardest-to-fit windows for a cohesive new look. Our advanced motorization options provide the ultimate convenience. Contact Creative Windows today to schedule your no-obligation design consultation! It’s time to change up your view!

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