What Are Soft Window Treatments?

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While most Ann Arbor residents understand what a window treatment is, few know the difference between soft treatments and hard treatments. Since window treatments come in numerous designs, styles, and materials, it’s often difficult to keep up with all the different varieties. Fortunately, our team at Creative Windows is here to teach you everything you need to know about soft window treatments.

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Soft Window Treatments vs. Hard Window Treatments: What’s the Difference?

Most types of window treatments fall into one of two primary categories:

  • Hard treatments 
  • Soft treatments

Hard Treatments

Hard window treatments typically consist of dense or durable materials that provide more light filtering for interior spaces. Many come pre-made and prioritize efficiency over style. Most energy-efficient shades, blinds, and shutters fall under hard window treatments due to their robust nature and shading capabilities. 

Soft Treatments

Soft treatments are window coverings made from soft materials. These top treatments are more versatile than most hard treatment varieties and often feature more appealing designs and materials. Soft window treatments offer homeowners more customization options, allowing them to select everything from the fabric’s design to material density and everything in between.

That said, although soft treatments help reduce the amount of natural sunlight entering your home, they usually don’t provide as much UV protection as hard treatments due to their soft materials (however, outliers are available). Cascades, swags, valances, curtains, and drapes are all popular examples of soft window treatments.

Where to Hang Soft Window Treatments

Soft window treatments are extremely versatile and will match nearly any room of your home. That said, some spaces suit soft treatments better than others. Below are a few places to hang soft treatments.

Living Rooms

Soft treatments are perfect for increasing a shady living room’s visual appeal. They can add sophistication to the space, making it the highlight of the interior.


Homeowners wanting to light up their kitchens with natural sunlight will want to consider soft treatments. They allow some light into the room without making it overbearing.


Soft treatments can heighten any bedroom’s visual appeal. They help you establish a relaxing and gentle atmosphere by allowing minimal sunlight into the space while complimenting other bedroom features.

Keep in mind that soft window treatments come in hundreds of varieties and can work in any room of your home. Denser variations will provide more UV protection, so try to find variations featuring heavy materials if you have a sunny property.

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