Window treatments are often the finishing touch that brings a room’s design together. But with so many innovative window treatment designs, it can be challenging to decide which option is the best for your home.


Choosing your ideal window treatment will depend on several factors, including the space itself, the need for energy efficiency, and, most importantly, your sense of style. Here’s a short guide on what to consider when choosing the right Ann Arbor window treatments for you.

What to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

Window Treatments


Window Size and Shape

Different window sizes require different types of window treatments. Tall windows do well with things like panels, draperies, and vertical blinds, which all add to the illusion of a very high ceiling. On the other hand, shorter windows do better with horizontal blinds and shades, which can make the window look bigger and the room more spacious.


Window shapes will also affect your choice of window treatment. Unique shapes will often require innovative window treatment designs that take that shape into account while still complementing the room’s style and function.


In general, square windows work great with shutters that offer a dramatic sense of framing, while rectangular windows do better with blinds or shades that complement the shape. For blinds, Ann Arbor window treatment manufacturers recommend using internal mountings for deeper windows, while opting for external mountings for shallow windows.


What Is the Window Treatment’s Purpose?


Every room is different, and your window treatment installations need to match the room’s function and style. You don’t have to consider every single factor, but here are some considerations to help you make your final choice about window treatments in Michigan.


If you have an amazing view, you don’t want a window covering that will block it. In that case, blinds are a great option, as they let light in while still providing some privacy. If you don’t have a view but have too much light entering through the window, shades will protect the room and keep it cool during summer and warmer during winter.


In some rooms, windows are almost completely decorative, which means that you can play around with different window treatments and find the one that best suits the room’s style and mood.

The window’s purpose will also reflect the type of functionality you need from your custom blinds in Michigan. If you’re planning to leave the blinds down most of the time, you can get away with manual controls. However, if you’re going to be adjusting the blinds depending on the time of day, remote controls are a better option.

Understanding the Types of Window Treatments




Find Professional Window Treatment Installers in Michigan

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