Seven Top Benefits of Choosing Motorized Window Treatments

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Did you know that window shades can help you conserve energy usage in your home? Today’s generation of attractive, cordless, and motorized window blinds provides both security and cooling relief from the sun’s rays. Superior to curtains or Venetian blinds, motorized blinds have become the go-to window covering for Michigan homes and businesses.

Read on as the benefits and material options of motorized window treatments to help you make an informed decision.

Motorized Window Treatments

What Are Motorized Window Treatments?

Motorized window treatments are the modern solution to your window treatment problems. We came up with seven different benefits of choosing Ann Arbor’s motorized window treatments from Creative Windows so that you’ll know more about these advanced window coverings.

1. They’re Cordless and Kid-Friendly

Modern motorized window treatments no longer rely on unsightly cords to open and close the blinds. Cables can quickly become a tangled and potentially dangerous mess. Your kids will be safer when you install a cordless window treatment.

2. They Will Lower Your Energy Bills

Window coverings help control the amount of warming sunlight that enters your home. You can effortlessly improve your energy use with our programmable motorized window treatments. Your new blinds will reduce the amount of time your heater or AC runs and save money!

3. They’ll Make Your Home More Secure

Motorized blinds help you feel more secure at and away from home with less effort. Like automatic lights, programmable window treatments can help prevent your home from looking like a target. You simply need to set a schedule or download the app for your model.

4. They’ll Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

High-quality motorized window treatments are an investment that pays off in the long term. These modern blinds can integrate with smart home systems to boost energy efficiency. Improving home energy efficiency makes your home ideal for future buyers.

5. They Provide UV Protection

Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause fading in your favorite furnishings. Motorized window coverings will help reduce UV-related fading. These programmable and hassle-free window treatments are especially useful on windows you can’t easily reach.

6. They Are Simple to Use

When you install motorized window treatments, you can often choose how to control them. You can use a remote, a manual switch, or download and access a connected phone app for some models.

7. They Will Boost Your Privacy

With motorized window treatments, you can simply press a button to close out your nosy neighbors. You also have the option to schedule a time for the window coverings to close on their own. Privacy can be yours at the touch of your screen with smart home integration.

motorized window treatments

Are You Thinking About Upgrading To Motorized Window Treatments?

Do you want to know more about your options for upgrading your window coverings in Ann Arbor to motorized window treatments? At Creative Windows, our Ann Arbor blinds are ideal for any room in your house, including your:


  • Home office
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Attic
  • Bedroom
  • Game room
  • Bathroom


Ann Arbor’s motorized window treatments from Creative Windows are ideal for every room of your home. These technology-based blinds are surprisingly effortless and efficient. We provide a wide selection of style choices from which you can choose colors and textures to match your home’s decor.

Creative Windows’ Ann Arbor Blinds Offer a Wide Variety of Material and Size Options

You can get nearly all of your favorite styles of window shades from us at Creative Windows in an updated, automated version that will add value and comfort to your home. You will not need to sacrifice style to upgrade your drapes to a more advanced design.


Our Ann Arbor motorized window treatments are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials that include:


Faux wood is cost-effective and ideal for homes with a natural style. Faux wood is more capable of resisting moisture and fading.


Real wood is available in multiple stains, grains, and finishes for a customized rustic aesthetic.


Aluminum is a lightweight and cost-effective choice available in a wide variety of colors to match or accent your home decor.


Smooth fabric or Roman shades, which are seamless and smooth, offer a sleek and modern appearance in a variety of colors and textures.


These advanced and hands-free window treatments can fit nearly any size and shape of window, ranging from tiny attic windows to large bay windows.


Be sure to consult with our local Creative Windows experts about how to choose your fully customized Ann Arbor motorized window treatments


Begin customizing your window coverings with a professional design consultation. Our team can help you decide if motorized window treatments are right for you. Get in touch with our team at Creative Windows in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by calling (734) 769-5100. We can provide a free estimate.


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