Blackout Roller Shades: What You Need to Know

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Modern blackout roller shades are stylish and very practical window treatments. You get a lot of different options from which to choose in a durable and long-lasting product that’s perfect for total privacy and energy efficiency all year round to save you on your heating and cooling bills. Read on to find out about all the great attributes of blackout roller shades.

Blackout Roller Shades Explained

Roller shades of all types are very affordable and one of the most customizable window treatment options on the market today. Roller shades are loved by homeowners because they have a sleek appearance and exclusive fabric and color possibilities as well as great benefits in lighting control and energy efficiency.

Roller shades appear as flat sheets of fabric when you have them lowered. When you raise them, the fabric rolls up onto a beautiful protective cassette, which is mounted at the top of the window frame. Roller shades are mounted inside the window frame for sleek and clean lines.

You can choose from many different colors, fabrics, and textures for your roller blackout shades. You can also choose a traditional lift method with a cord, or a cordless design that raises and lowers with the touch of your hand, making it a child and pet-safe option. For the ultimate in convenience, consider adding motorization to your blackout roller shades to preset programs at specific times for your shades to adjust, open and close or to operate them with the touch of a button.

Another modern type of blackout shade is a dual shade. It is made of alternating stripes of fabric with one being a light-filtering sheer fabric or a semi-sheer fabric and a room-darkening opaque liner that is made into a single roller shade. You can lower the sheer to have softly filtered lighting in your home with a glowing effect or lower the room darkening liner for total privacy and darkness when you need it.

Blackout roller shades are perfect choices for bathrooms for privacy, and also for bedrooms for both privacy and total darkness so you can sleep in late on the weekends.

Roller Shades Blackout Fabric

The blackout fabric for roller shades provides 100% light-blocking capabilities, so no pinholes of light will pass through them to give you total lighting control and privacy. The materials may be made with fiberglass that is covered with PVC, 100% polyester fabric, or other blends of fabrics.

The designer fabrics, such as the Alustra Woven Textures by Hunter Douglas, are an understated but very sophisticated alternative to solar shades that look more like screens. You can choose a variety of top and bottom treatments with exclusive hardware and finishes in metallic and sleek colors, and you have the choice of dual roller designs.

Blackout Roller Shades Installation

High-quality and premium blackout roller shades are designed to give you minimal if any light gaps on the sides of the shade. They mount inside of the window frame and cover the frame from side to side and top to bottom when they are down to give you a blackout option with quiet, smooth, and flawless movement.

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