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Finding the perfect bathroom window treatments is one of the most rewarding home renovation projects a homeowner can pursue. Transform your bathroom into a comforting space filled with natural light and a contemporary aesthetic with nothing more than new window coverings.

It’s also challenging to find a window solution that works. Unlike living room window treatments where not much matters outside aesthetic, bathroom window coverings need to be weather resistant enough to stand firm against excessive heat and moisture.

While it’s a hard task to find bathroom window treatments that have aesthetic value and are strong enough to resist wear and tear from the heat and moisture in bathrooms, Michigan homeowners have it easy.

With Creative Windows, you can find the best drapery in Ann Arbor, MI, for any room in your home, bathrooms included.

What Kind of Window Treatments Belong in a Bathroom?

Not every window treatment will work inside a bathroom. Because of the room’s regular exposure to warmth and water from showers and sinks, the coverings should be a material that resists those elements.

But there is more to bathroom window treatments than just element resistance. Bathroom window coverings also need to allow natural light while still emphasizing privacy. And at the end of the day, they must look nice too.

The window treatments that fit bathrooms the best are blinds, shades, and rollers. However, there is plenty of variety in these three types of window coverings in style and material.

Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

Even with the limitations on what types of window treatments you can install in your bathroom, plenty of options are still available.

From Roman shades to cloth shutters and even custom-made drapes from Creative Windows, you can find a practical window covering that doesn’t compromise on style. Below are a few of the most sought-after options for bathroom window treatments in modern interior design.

Faux Wood Blinds

Roman Shades

Roman shades are folded drop-down fabric window coverings, among the most popular window treatments available for bathrooms. Because Roman shades are cloth coverings, they add a level of softness to whatever room homeowners install them in.

Roman shades are durable window treatments that can withstand any elements everyday bathroom use can throw at them.

With everything working in their favor, from durability to style, dark-colored Roman shades that can make your bathroom feel more private are some of the most effective covering options out there.

Faux Wood

Real wood blinds and shutters are typically ineffective bathroom window treatments since cheap wood is prone to warping with repeated exposure to moisture. However, homeowners who want the classic wooden covering can still find quality options with faux wood.

Faux wood blinds are made from a thick material to allow for privacy and sunlight as needed. Additionally, faux wood is highly customizable, allowing you to find a window treatment of this material in several different colors.

Woven Woods

Another popular alternative to traditional wooden blinds and shades are woven wood coverings, which most window companies build from bamboo or reeds.

While woven wood window treatments are more prone to water damage than faux wood or fabric options, they are still relatively element-resistant and come with many additional perks.

Woven wood has a unique rustic aesthetic that is difficult to match with other materials. Additionally, bamboo and reed-based coverings are great light controllers that allow you to adjust the exact amount of sun that enters the room.

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are quality bathroom window treatments that step outside the traditional wood alternatives. One of the biggest reasons for their popularity is that vinyl is highly resistant to heat and moisture, so you will not have to worry about your new treatments damaging in a few short years.

Additionally, you can find vinyl shutters in many different colors to give you a perfect look for your bathroom.


Custom Drapery

Some homeowners still can’t find their perfect window coverings even with many options available. Luckily, Creative Windows offers custom drapery in Ann Arbor to clients to customize their bathroom window treatments however they see fit.

If you’re ready for quality window coverings designed precisely to your specifications, Creative Windows is the team for you.

Ann Arbor Window Treatments from Creative Windows

For local Ann Arbor window treatments and Ann Arbor Shades, turn to the team at Creative Windows. We custom-build our window treatments to allow you complete control over how the products look, feel, and fit in your home. To learn more about Creative Windows draperies in Ann Arbor, MI, call today at (734) 769-5100.

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