How To Choose the Perfect Drapes for Your Home in Ann Arbor

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It’s finally time to design your dream home in Ann Arbor, and you want to be sure to get it right! Attention to the details will turn a house into a dream home. While they may not be the first design elements that come to mind, the Ann Arbor window treatments in each room of your home can make or break a room’s aesthetic. Therefore, choosing the proper drapery Ann Arbor is crucial. To help you make the right decision, explore our list below of the most important and frequently asked questions when considering what drapes to buy.

How Long Should My Home’s Drapes Be?

Choosing a drape length is a more important decision than one might think. Standard window coverings are 63 inches, 84 inches, 95 inches, 108 inches, or 120 inches. To pick the right length, you must consider the style of the room and the type of draping that fits best in the space. Creative Windows are willing to help with your drapery needs from consultation, and measurement to installation.

Types of Draping

Tier curtains

These shorter curtains hang about halfway between the top and bottom of the window.

Apron curtains

One size up from tier curtains, apron curtains reach just below the bottom of the window.

Floor curtains

As the name implies, floor curtains hang from the top of the window to the floor.

Puddle curtains

Puddle curtains extend the entire window length with extra fabric gathering at the bottom to create a dramatic effect.

As you can see, the right curtain length will depend on the window it covers, the room’s decor, and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve with your window treatments.

Choose the Perfect Drapes for Your Home in Ann Arbor

Should Drapes Match Throughout the House?

The easy answer to this question is no. While drapes within a single room should match, each room in your home will require different draping and designs to best accent other furniture and the structure of the space. If the perfect drapes for your bedroom are different from the drapes in your living room, that is fine! Do what is best for each room.

What Kind of Fabric Should I Choose for My Home’s Drapes?

The type of fabric you pick for your home’s drapes is dependent on both functional and design factors and should match each room.

The first consideration is the amount of light the fabric will let in. Since draping limits the light that enters a room, fabric type is a vital consideration. Fabrics like cotton or sheer will let in tons of natural light and are perfect for any living room or kitchen space where people will congregate during the day. Letting in natural light also eliminates the need to use electric lights and makes your home more energy efficient. Within bedrooms, it’s usually better to choose fabrics like textured linen, velvet, or blackout curtains that prohibit light from entering the room, letting you sleep in on lazy Sundays.

It’s crucial to consider the design of the fabric and the room it’s in when choosing your Ann Arbor window treatments. Generally, pick solid-colored material for rooms with patterned furniture and elaborate fabrics to accent rooms with plain or solid furniture.

What Is the Right Kind of Hardware To Accompany My Home’s Drapes?

Finding your drapes isn’t just about picking fabrics. It’s also essential to consider the hardware accompanying your window treatments and alternatives to traditional drapes.

Consider outfitting your curtains with valances or cornices. A valance is a line of fabric that covers the top part of the window and pairs well with vertical or horizontal blinds. Cornices are wood valance pieces at the top of a window that help integrate curtains seamlessly with hardware. You can also use cornices to dress up window shades.

There are many options for the hardware you use to hang your drapes. Some popular choices for curtain rods are copper, iron, and bronze. Regardless of what metal you use, add some decor to integrate it seamlessly into your space.

Drapes With Creative Windows

Are you looking for Ann Arbor drapery and window treatments? Contact Creative Windows or you may call at (734) 769-5100 or visit our website to discover how you can outfit any room in your home with the perfect drapes or curtains!

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