Can You See Through Solar Shades at Night?

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Like solar panels, solar shades have gained popularity. They’re one of the few window treatments that lower your environmental footprint by increasing energy efficiency. They also prove a stylish way to improve privacy and control natural lighting in each room, but can you see through solar shades at night?

Creative Windows in Ann Arbor, MI, carries several shade options, including Graber exterior solar shades. Alongside our vast inventory, we also produce custom-made products, so locals trust us for tips on solar shade opaqueness and how to find the right fit for you. Read on to learn more!

How Solar Shades Work

Solar shades comprise HDPE or PVC mesh fabrics, both of which allow less light to trickle in through the woven material. By barring UV rays, less light and heat enter, meaning your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to work as hard.

Removing excess heat prevents long-cycling systems that would otherwise need more electricity to function longer. As you lower your utility costs, you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint. 

Choose a Transparency Level

Can you see through solar shades at night because the eco-friendly option jeopardizes your view? Fortunately, solar window shades come in many transparency levels, from 1% to 14%. The lower the percentage, the darker your shades will look, meaning the 1% openness blocks 99% of UV rays and offers the most privacy.

Although most shade transparency levels allow for some privacy during the day, 1% to 3% are the only options that prevent indoor lighting from casting silhouettes on your window treatments at night. They also block all glare and protect furniture from harsh rays. However, the only way you can enjoy your view or let light in with this option is if you roll the shades up, which allows 100% of UV rays in and lowers your privacy. 

Unless you plan on keeping certain rooms dark most of the time (like the bedroom for better sleep at night or at-home theater), you may prefer a more open weave that lets more natural light in. For plants or darker rooms with fewer windows, you’ll want between a 10% to 14% openness.

Layer Treatments for Options

If an open weave sounds best, but you don’t want to sacrifice privacy, consider layered window treatments to block light. When adding curtains or drapes over your shades, remember the following:

  • Close both for optimal privacy
  • Leave the blinds down but the curtains open for filtered light
  • Open both for the perfect view

This is also a stylish option that adds flare and fills empty space around your windows. 

Get Creative With Your Windows!

The right window treatments offer more than aesthetics that raises property value; they could dictate the comfort level of your home! So, when it comes to lighting and privacy, be sure to choose your window coverings wisely.

Can you see through solar shades at night? Let Creative Windows in Ann Arbor, MI, answer that. We offer everything from energy-efficient solar shades to stylish Roman shades, so call us at (734) 769-5100 today to schedule your free consultation!

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