4 Excellent Open Light Shades Benefits You Should Know

4 Excellent Open Light Shades Benefits You Should Know

Open light shades diffuse the light coming inside of your windows to cut glare and heat while still maintaining your view of the outside. They are available in many different styles and colors to match your uses for your home. Read on to find out more about this unique type of window shade and all […]

What Are the Best Living Room Window Treatments?

Best Living Room Window Treatments

The best window treatments for any room in your home will be functional, have a purpose, and be elegant as well. They make your spaces beautiful and perform several functions too. Your Ann Arbor solar shades need to provide functions based on items in the room to get the maximum performance out of your window […]

Do Solar Shades Block UV Rays?

Solar shades

Solar screen shades or Ann Arbor solar shades, install inside of your home to block the hot UV rays of the sun from entering your home. This keeps it much cooler in the summer months, so you use less energy to cool your spaces. Solar shades are among the best custom window treatments that promote […]

Solar Shades vs Roller Shades: Which is Right for You?

Solar Shades VS Roller shades

Sometimes window treatments can be a bit confusing. Most people believe that solar shades and roller shades are used interchangeably, and they are the same thing. Solar shades are actually a type of roller shade, but not all Ann Arbor solar shades are roller shades, as each of these items have its own uses and […]

5 Benefits of Exterior Solar Shades

Benefits of Exterior Solar Shades

Michigan summers are beautifully bright, but the brightness can be too much. Even if it looks beautiful outside, the blinding light and scorching heat make outdoor spaces less ideal for relaxing. In Ann Arbor, exterior solar shades create a comfortable outdoor environment so you can stay outside. What Are Solar Shades? Solar shades are a […]

Indoor Solar Shades vs. Outdoor Solar Shades: Which is Better?

indoor solar shades

You may be wondering if indoor or outdoor solar shades are better for cooling your home and blocking out the sun’s harmful UV rays and heat in the summer. They both deflect the sunlight without blocking your entire view, and each has its own good features. Read on to find out the differences between the […]

Roller Shades for Windows: Ideas and Considerations

Roller Shades for Windows

Sometimes, all it takes to transform a space from drab to inviting is a simple change. Repainting, buying new furniture, or paying an interior designer for a complete remodel are great options, but you can save time, money, and design frustration by starting small.   Changing the window treatments in a room is a fantastic, […]